Many people wanting to start a Youtube channel ask themselves “what kind of video content should they create to make the most amount of money.” In this blog post we will teach you how to pick a Youtube niche that will allow you to make over 6 figures a month by giving you 10 questions to ask yourself.

It’s no secret that most YouTube creators that don’t make any money with YouTube. But if you’re here reading this article you can rest assured; you no longer have to be one of them.

Grab a pen and paper and be ready to take notes. I’m going to dive into these 10 important questions that I’ve asked myself as a YouTube creator to figure out profitable niches in order to succeed on this platform and attract a global audience.

The 10 Important Questions For Successfully Picking a 6-Figure Youtube Niche


1. Has someone else had success with this?

I hate recreating the wheel. It goes against my grain to be the first person to market something brand new on YouTube that doesn’t have proven results yet. I create value by pulling from other youtubers results and success stories, then producing quality content for my channel. With a bit of experimentation you can quickly tell what will work and what won’t on YouTube. It seems that you can have low competition if you find a great niche that has fewer video views, but this might mean that it’s simply not a popular YouTube niche.

2. What financial cap is the biggest channel in the niche currently at?

Study other channels in your niche. How much is the most successful YouTuber making? $5k/month? $100k/month? Or are they currently making a million dollars a month? Are their videos super viral or just “doing ok”? How often do they upload videos? How many subscribers do they have?

A simple way to find out how much money your competition makes is by using a website like Social Blade. Just type in your niche idea, go and find some other YouTube channel in that niche, spend 10 minutes of your time researching and you can find out who is getting results and what type of results they’re getting.

Now finding out that exact number can be tough because they’re going to tell you a rough estimate ie “anywhere from 22 000 to 370000 a month”. So you need to figure out what the RPMs are for that niche. Read more about all things regarding RPMs here.

3. Are there other people that have gone viral within six months in this niche?”

We want to be wary of niches that are super old or overly saturated. I’ve experimented and been successful creating content in saturated niches before but it’s a lot more difficult. Initially I asked around and everybody told me that it takes about two to three years to get results. I thought they were lying and I didn’t want to believe them. I figured that this had to be just a lack of experience on their end. But sure enough, it took us about two years to get results in the same niche. 

Looking back on this incident I feel like I definitely learned this lesson the hard way. If I’d do it over again I would follow other niches showcasing success within the previous 6-9 months. 

4. What’s the run rate of the niche based on other automated YouTube channels that have been successful?

If I do go for a YouTube niche that there hasn’t been recent success on, it’s simply because I really believe in the long-term value of the channel and don’t care as much about short-term results. In this type of space, your first video likely won’t go viral. But if you persevere, produce quality content, and stay consistent, you will generate a loyal audience that will give you more and more views over time.

5. How hard is the content to make?

Watch YouTube videos within whatever niche you’re considering and get clarity on what it would take to recreate a video within that space. If you’re struggling with this, ask someone who is an editor or does content production. Figure out how much time it would take to replicate one video, what experience level you would need to be at, and what additional resources are required to create your first YouTube video.

6. What is the budget that you have to work with for your YouTube channel?

Get very clear on what budget you have and what you need skills wise to make sure you’re creating videos at least as good, but preferably better than your competition.

If your budget is at $50 or less per video, you’ll need to capitalize on your skills set and make sure it surpasses that of your competition. Sometimes you can kind of “make up” for a tight budget with good management skills and/or good hiring skills but just be advised that you’ll often have to pay the $$ amount difference by investing your time.

If you’ve got $300-$1,000 per video you can produce really good content. 

With a budget of that size, make sure you book a call with my team. We’ll make sure you don’t just blow through it, which is common especially if you have limited to no experience with YouTube.

7. Do we have a scriptwriter for the video, a voice over, and video editing/ graphics designer?

If not, can you transform the niche to that format? If you don’t have a voiceover and you’re strictly relying just on video editing, chances are high that you are going to have issues with monetization. Obviously there are exceptions to this, but I personally focus on building automated Youtube channels where we can have a full-fledged content production team for it. 

If you’re doing the content yourself then you’re the personality of the channel. You won’t be hiring a script writer or a voice actor, so you have to ask yourself “Can I do a voiceover and just edit the video to make the content?”

8. Can I hire someone for my YouTube video that is an expert within my budget or at least someone that is passionate about this niche?”

I personally don’t have the time or energy to be the operator, executor, actor, writer and producer on my youtube channels. 

For example, if I hire someone in a crypto channel and I’m trying to fully automate the content, bring more value to the marketplace and generate consistent monthly views, then I am going to need to hire someone that’s really good.

Now the issue with hiring a talented professional in the crypto space is if they actually know what they’re talking about they’re gonna want anywhere from $300-$1,000 a script. This is fair because they have valuable information. They also might go after a sizable equity of your youtube channel. I preferably don’t like to deal that, so I usually kind of stay away from those niches but maybe you’re in a different boat.

If you don’t have as much of the long-term vision and you’re just trying to get videos out, you can definitely experiment with this type of strategy. Maybe you will get lucky, and one of your videos will go viral.

Another example is, let’s say I’m running a microeconomics type channel. These types of YouTube niches are where we would talk about economics of businesses. In this case I would hire an economist to write for my channels. Now something you should know is that an economist doesn’t get paid that much in that career. It’s not one of the most valuable degrees like crypto trading or something where you know people in the space make a lot of money.

Some people that are really good at economics work for a government job or a corporate job, but there’s not too many economists that are doing that.

Another good example is a historian. If you’re trying to create the best YouTube history channel or something like that, you’d have to hire an expert for this niche. People watch random videos when the speaker is very passionate about their topic.

Read more about YouTube channel ideas in this article which gives you 100+ popular niches to chose from.

9. Will these YouTube videos be profitable long-term?

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, but repetition is the mother of all learning. Is this profitable for the next five to ten+ years or is it a quick cash grab that won’t be around for a long time? This is something good to be clear on when you’re going into it. I always aim for long-term profitability with the niches that are going to be around for a very long time. This is because my philosophy of business is way different than most people who are just trying to just make their first five or ten thousand dollars a month.

I like to focus on a long term goal; working towards building brands that will be worth tens of millions of dollars. Some creators just want to put out two or three funny videos that go viral and that’s it. But I always make sure that my YouTube channel will continuously be profitable in the long term.

10. What competitive advantage can you bring to this YouTube niche?

How can you provide more quality than anyone else? If you can master higher quality than anybody else you WILL succeed when you start a YouTube channel. If you’re stuck and struggling, go back and ask yourself this question again and re-evaluate your content. Look for every possible area you can to increase quality.

I got my first results on youtube by joining niches where the quality was awful, but the videos were still getting a lot of views. I saw these channels getting millions of views even though their content was not that good, so I just went in and just made videos that were better than them.

At this point I wasn’t even that good of an editor, I just cared more than everybody else. My quality turned out substantially better than everybody else and I was able to dominate the niche. I brainstormed and came up with better ideas. Also I made sure my turnaround time was very quick. So overall my quality, ideas, and speed to produce was substantially better than everybody else.

Executing Your 6 Figure Youtube Niche

Whenever I had an idea, I executed it very quickly. I created and posted videos within less than 24 hours. Other people took three days to put out the same content that I did, so if you’re in a niche that is news related, very competitive or very saturated (think celebrity drama, or anything that’s very trendy) and you’re reliant on new information to come out then this is a very important question.

What competitive advantage can you bring to this niche?” I personally just avoid these particular YouTube niches, I still do some of this type of niche where the speed to produce is important, but I try to do more “evergreen niches”. These are the ones that will be around for a very long time, so it doesn’t matter when I actually post my content. That way I can take a lot of time to create before I upload and I’m able to really capitalize on the quality. 

High quality causes your audience to always come back and re watch your videos. It also encourages them to subscribe to your channel and watch new videos you put out. When you capitalize on quality in every aspect of your video, you can kind of guarantee your success for the next month. This is because you’ll get to the place where you can depend on your audience watching your content, since your audience knows they can depend on receiving high quality value from your channel.

The other option for getting quick views is by focusing on excellent click bait. Clickbait typically refers to the practice of writing sensationalized or misleading headlines in order to attract clicks on a piece of content. It often relies on exaggerating claims or leaving out key information in order to encourage traffic. Unfortunately this is really not a long-term effective strategy because you are going to burn a lot of bridges with your audience.

I’ve provided coaching for hundreds of channels and I have personally owned and managed over 40 of my own. Currently I own 15 channels with millions of subscribers. I’ve had to cancel a lot of the ideas that I’ve experimented with in the past and now I’ve got stable ground and know exactly what I’m doing to entertain each audience.

This year I’m scaling to 50 channels that are in an evergreen niche. Whenever I acquire or criticize a new channel, I ask myself these 10 questions. Knowledge is power and it’s important especially for a beginner to know what they’re going up against. These questions also protect against the very common beginner’s mistake of investing way too much time in a niche that isn’t substantial and the frustration of waiting for subscribers that just never come.

Building Your Faceless Channel

If you do have a decent budget to work with, I highly recommend that you go and book a call with my team. We can help you build your youtube channel whether you’re needing coaching with creating a personal brand or you are looking to build an automated/faceless YouTube channel. We also can build a youtube channel for you start to finish and put in most of the work for you, getting you to the place where you only have to oversee it.

With that being said, we don’t want to waste your time or ours so we will cancel the call if you don’t answer the prequalifying questions correctly. Also if we don’t feel like you are a good fit for our program we will be upfront and honest with you.

Youtube is a fun and easy way to make money online! All you need to do is figure out which of the youtube niches you’d like to capitalize on, upload video content consistently and generate thousands of subscribers. If you’re still unsure of how to proceed, book a call with our Youtube professionals here!