Ladies and Gentleman, if you’re trying to get rich off of YouTube without showing your face, then this is the article for you. We’re here to provide you with our 7 Steps to Success for creating a faceless YouTube Channel! (This generated my students and I multiple 7-figures).

7 Steps to Getting 100k On Youtube Automation (without showing your face)

Step 1. Content Strategy

First and foremost above everything else in every way shape and form of importance; MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SOLID CONTENT STRATEGY for your YouTube channel.

A great example of a content strategy that is reliable and would never run out of ideas is the “What If” Channel on YouTube. They create unrealistic crazy imaginary scenarios like “What if the Sahara was covered in solar panels?” or “What if a Ferrari had four V8 Engines in it?”

 You could take this and apply it to other YouTube niches. Maybe you’re interested in creating content about beauty or sports. “What if you only used raw natural materials as beauty products?” “What if Stef Curry was only 4 feet tall?” You get the drift.

 When you’re doing this, make sure you create a proven content strategy for your YouTube channel. Make sure you can make multiple videos consistent with your niche.

Nothing else in this article is even relevant to you if you have a terrible content strategy. Literally, you can delete the following 6 steps if you have a trash content strategy because this is the basis for success. Make sure your strategy is solid.

 After you’ve done that, here are the following steps. And these are literal gold. So read carefully and really comprehend each one. Don’t forget to KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

STEP 2. Viral Titles for Your Channel

Once again, keep it simple. Once you’ve got a niche and a content strategy, create a formula from your inspiration.

Use a Formulaic Strategy

When I create a new channel, I create a formulaic content strategy for it

*(out of laziness because coming up with video ideas is really hard and time consuming)

Here’s my 4-step strategy:

  • Step 1: Find a viral video that worked for someone else
    • I.e. How Elon musk Spends His Billions
  • Step 2: Turn it into a “fill in the blank”
    • How (Famous or Rich Person) Spends His/Her Billions/Millions
  • Step 3: come up with 10 video ideas that haven’t been done before
  • Step 4: Start producing the videos

Try to use these tips and apply them to a viral video in your niche.

Search for other influencers in your niche to get your creative juices flowing if you’re struggling with content ideas. Pay attention to the little details! It’s often helpful to take a few hours just to research and get a lot of inspiration. Identify what works for your competitors and use it on your page. Describe your content clearly with the title.

STEP 3. Create the Thumbnail for Your YouTube Video

 You can, of course, hire a designer to do this for you. I recommend this if it isn’t your strong suit to design and create thumbnails. But I usually have a thumbnail in mind when I create my title. If I can’t make a good thumbnail I will try to pick another title for my YouTube video.

Another thing to keep in mind (most beginners don’t get this!) is that a lot of their consumers are going to be watching off of mobile devices.

Make sure that you have a Youtube thumbnail that is mobile friendly; small, simple, easy to see. I always check my thumbnails when I visit other successful channels. Sometimes I even just look at them for inspiration. Whatever you decide to go with, be sure your images are high quality. The success is in the details!

Step 4. Hire a Scriptwriter or Write The Script Yourself

 A good script is one of the most important parts that will either make your YouTube video go viral or cause you to get lost in the sea of aspiring, unsuccessful content creators.

Make sure you fulfill your video’s title in the introduction. In the body of the video, only talk about the most interesting details of your subject. Try and find things that are maybe controversial or things that don’t make sense. This will get your audience thinking.

Remember to write your script keeping in mind that this is for auditory experience not reading experience. This isn’t a writing essay for your high school English teacher.

You’re creating something unique, different, special, and it needs to sound natural and flow freely coming out of your mouth. A good way to check yourself is by writing one sentence and then reading it aloud back to yourself. This way you can hear firsthand how it sounds.

If you’d like to hire a scriptwriter, we would recommend that you search for one on Fiverr or a similar website.

microphone, music, audio

Step 5. Record the Voice-Over 

This is the fun part! You can get as fancy as you want to with the video equipment…. but all you really need to do as a beginner on YouTube is to open up the voice memos app on your iPhone.

(BTW…if you’re an Android user you can stop reading….I already question your ability to make good choices and frankly don’t know if you will be able to make it at all in this space).


Anyways. Go to your voice memos app and hit record. You don’t need a microphone or anything fancy. Just pour out your heart and your soul when you create this recording and have fun.

Make sure to match the tone of your script. If you’re making a scary video then try to have a creepy tone to your voice. Tell your story slowly with very intentional pauses and try to make it as interesting and captivating as possible. If it’s exciting or funny, try to be lighthearted and playful. A good example of a YouTuber who is excellent at expressive audio is SssniperWolf.

If you naturally have high energy, be expressive and passionate about your topic. Old Jake Paul videos can be a little cringe to watch, but he’s a good example of pouring a lot of emotion and energy into his content because he understands his demographic and knows his audience.

You can hire other people to do this of course. I would highly recommend this if you’re naturally more of a monotonous, non expressive speaker.

 Step 6. Edit the Video

editing, video, computer

After you record the video, you’re going to edit it. I suggest that you search for good clips, memes, b-roll footage on the internet and just throw it all together in a video editor. You can absolutely do all of this on your phone, you don’t even need a computer.

Several Recommendations for Tools

A free video editor that you might enjoy when just starting out is iMovie. Once again, this is specifically for my apple users because I know for sure that’s free on any Macbook but not sure how compatible it is with other users since I didn’t search it up and check. (However I told “other users” to sign off and quit reading this article earlier so they shouldn’t even be here anymore. All that should be left is my elitests, aka my Apple family.)

I personally create my Youtube videos with the help of Premiere Pro, but I’ve been editing videos for a while, and I work with thousands of videos, so I’m ok with paying $30 a month.  I use Photoshop as well and Vegas Pro and have experimented with Final Cut Pro. I ran into Windows Movie Maker one time during my search for a good editor but it was a bit harder for me to use. It’s not relevant anymore, because it apparently it was discontinued.

My main point is that you don’t need to any of my fancy tool recommendations just as long as you can do the basics. Plus, if you make sure to create a high quality script and voice over you can afford to put less time and energy into the editing. Just have fun with it!

Focus on adding a lot of creative value because the more creative you get the better it will perform. Make sure you’re very intentional and don’t just throw something in a video for the sake of throwing it in.

Have a purpose and a reason for everything you create. I recommend editing something then going back and watching it again. Ultimately, you should be proud of the product you put together.

!! Important !!

exclamation mark, important, significant

And finally, before you upload the video to YouTube, rewatch it through the eyes of your channel visitors. Explore what looks good and make sure you don’t have any issues watching it. Pay attention to how you feel while you’re watching it.

If there’s a part that is boring or weird or makes you slightly uncomfortable, go ahead and fix whatever made you feel that way. Then, go and show it to your brother or sister and your mom or dad and search for anyone and everyone who will watch it.

Look for emotion while they’re watching it. They should be laughing or happy or scared, whatever emotions you’re trying to convey should be evident. If they’re not invested, take a second look and figure out how to elicit more emotion. Remember, in our world, people come back to things and rewatch them frequently because of how the content makes them feel. Read more on how to effectively use emotion in your video content here.

 Step 7. Upload Your Youtube Video  

projector, film projector, movie theater

As soon as you create and upload your video just move on. As soon as possible. There’s a lot of extra little functions and stuff that you can get stressed out about but don’t go down that rabbit hole…

Just upload the video and upload the thumbnail, add the title description and for now, Search Engine Optimization doesn’t matter…just keep it simple. Find 5-10 keywords aligned with your video title and put them into your SEO. Also put your channel name in your description.

And of course, keep an eye on how it performs. Read the comments your subscribers leave you and watch what gets views and what doesn’t. Always research and learn more and more about youtube and how to create videos to attract a subscriber list that will visit your channel over and over again.

 In Closing

 And there you’ve got it! My 7 step process to Youtube Success! All you have to do now is rinse and repeat.

Pay attention to the results you get from the videos and create your content based around the videos that get the most views, likes, and comments. Get as much feedback as humanly possible. Show your content to anyone who will watch it. Try to show it to your target demographic around whatever the niche is.

And that, my friends, is how to get a Youtube Subscriber Play Button without ever having to record videos or show your face on the page! It’s quite simple actually. If you want the absolute proven method to success, go ahead and book a call with my team.

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